Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.


Offer providers pay us for getting them offer completions. For example, an app developer pays us for getting them downloads on their app! We then use this money to purchase virtual game goods for our users.

Offer completions are decided by the offer provider, and each provider is different. Some reasons for offers not crediting could be the information inputted was flagged as spam, your ad-blocker caused problems with tracking, or simply the offer is bugged. In some cases, it can take a few hours for an offer to credit! Unfortunately, we are unable to credit completions from our end, only the offer provider can decide if an offer is completed or not. If you are 100% sure that you completed the offer correctly and have waited over 24 hours, you can try contacting the company providing the offer for assistance. If you are having difficulties completing desktop offers, try switching to a mobile device; there are plently of easy app download offers to complete!

If the site took your points when you were redeeming, and you didn't receive the virtual goods, contact us immediately! We will be able to assist you in these cases to make sure you get your items or currencies!

From the referrals page, you can copy your referral link. Sharing this link with your friends, posting them on forums, or making youtube videos are good ways to grow your network. Whenever an user visits the site through your link, they are forever added to your network, and you will earn a percentage of all the points they earn for life! You can later cash out these points for either virtual game goods, or even real money!



You can reach us via email at: [email protected]


Join our discord server and message a staff member.


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